The 2011 biology in Iceland conference takes place at decode Genetics headquartes and the University of Iceland campus. The opening remarks and plenary sessions will take place in the main lecture hall at Decode genetics headquarters (Sturlugata 8). General lectures will also take place in the the natural science building Askja (halls 130, 131 and 132).


The registration desk will be opened in the Decode reception hall, between 8:30 and 12:00 on November 11th. After that the registration desk will be located on the groundfloor of Askja.


General registration fee is 6000 kr, 4000 for members of the Icelandic biological society. For students the fees are 2000 kr. (1000 kr. for members). One can pay in advance, by electronic transfer to the Icelandic biological societies account, Líffræðifélag Íslands, kt. 4709830199, tékkareikningur: 515-26-49867 and send an email with specifics to lif@gresjan.is.


Overview of plenary talks, subject symposia and timing of each talk will be uploaded to biologia.hi.is (pdf).


The poster-holders restrict the size of posters. The maximum size of posters is A0, portrait (maximum height 120 cm and width 90 cm). The poster session will take place on the ground floor of Askja between 17:00 and 20:00 on November 11th.

The posters will be numbered from V1 to V100 (here for numbering scheme). Odd numbered posters shall be presented between 17:00 and 18:30, but even numbered posters between 18:30 and 20:00.

Light refreshments will be provided during the session. Participants are encouraged to install the posters at the earliest convenience, and leave them hanging for the duration of the conference.

Printing of posters

We got an offer from Sýningarkerfi ehf.

5900 ISK unplastered A0 poster.

7900 ISK plastcovered A0 poster.

Sóltúni 20 - 105 Reykjavík

Tel: +354 551 9977, Fax:551 9927 email: syning@syning.is


Each speaker has 15 minutes for their presentation and further 5 for discussion. Session leaders are instructed to keep tight schedule, thus we encourage speakers to time, trim and polish their talks considering the allocated time. Speaker with slides in electronic format should bring copies of their talks, no later than during the break preceeding their talk.

We can take PC based formats with ease, but encourage mac users to bring a pdf version of their presentation (as a back up), or their own computers with adapters.


All abstracts, poster and talks, will be made available on the webpage of the Icelandic biological society (biologia.hi.is) or at the registration site (http://lif.gresjan.is/2011/).


Several companies will introduce their products and services at the conference. Their booths will be in the center hall of Askja, where the coffee breaks also take place.

Final reception and ball

At the end of the conferece, Gróco ehf provides refreshments in Askja. The Icelandic biological society ball for the fall, will be in Hotel Borg, starting 21:00 on November 12th.

For questions and further information: lif@gresjan.is